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We don't have any scheduled events right now. But we're working hard at it, we promise :)

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Perreo is Art Too

Bandido is here to deliver crazy hot reggaeton all-nighters with proper urban dancing style. In the short time we've been around we've gathered an unbelievable crowd of bandidos and made them move like there's no tomorrow. Sounds interesting? Keep looking!

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"Perreo" is a dance that pops off from reggaeton, coming from spots like Panama, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. It's all about getting loose with your body moves, letting go, and drawing people in - all while you're having a blast by yourself or with the squad.

Instant Perreo

Can't wait for the next Bandido party? Get in the mood with our curated selection of top reggaeton (and beyond) hits!


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